How To Change A Bathtub Faucet Handle

How To Change A Bathtub Faucet Handle. After removing the cap, you will see the bolt that is holding the handle with the faucet. Lift the escutcheon off of the counter.

How To Change Bathtub Shower Handle Faucet Bathtub Designs from

With the help of a tool, unscrew the bolt and carefully remove the handle. Wait for a few minutes and now move the handle back and forth so you won’t struggle when you remove the handle. Start by unscrewing this piece and pulling the handle off of the rest of the faucet body.

Lift The Escutcheon Off Of The Counter.

On this plate, look for a small hole where another screw is located. There should be a very small hole with an allen key screw in the back. Use an allen key to loosen and remove this screw.

So It Does Not Fell And Creates A Mess.

Replace the stem by screwing it in. These valves change the flow of water by blocking it from the tub’s faucet and forcing the water upward and out the shower head. With the help of a tool, unscrew the bolt and carefully remove the handle.

Lift Off The Handle Of The Faucet From Its Stem.

Return to your mains supply of water and switch it all back on. It’s time to reinstall the new bathtub faucet now that all of the new parts are in place. Look at the back of the escutcheon or decorative cover at the bottom of the handle.

Bathtubs That Function Both As A Bathtub And Shower Tub Have A Shower Diverter Valve Built Into Them That Allows You To Switch The Water Flow From The Tub Faucet To The Shower Head.

When reinstalling the handle, line up the set screw side with the flat side of the valve stem. Use a socket wrench to tighten the stem by hand, then tighten it by hand once it is snug. As opposed to not wall structure mount faucet, it is currently really hard to put in a wall mount bathroom faucet, supplied of course that you've the proper resources for the job.

In Homes With A Whirlpool Or Air Tub, You Will Find Specialized Faucets That Include Individual Deal With And Two Fold Handle Versions.

How to replace a bathtub faucet. Hold the screwdriver in one hand, and the other hand will grasp the holder. I remove a bathtub faucet handle , soak it in clr to remove minerals that have collected on it, then install the handle


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